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Not sure yet? This 3-week video based course will change your feet and your body.

Sounds dramatic doesn't it? So is the fact that 75% of Americans will experience foot problems at one time or another in their lives.

My goal is to drop that percentage 2 feet at a time.

Do you want better foot health?

You may be surprised to find out that just a few minutes a day for 3 weeks can change your feet. And changing your feet will change your entire outlook.

Do you have to have bunions to benefit from Bunion Bootcamp?

Absolutely not! This course helps those with bunions and will keep the rest of us from having them later.

Pro tip: bunions are NOT genetic... you do not have bunions because your aunt, grandmother or cousin has them. Learn what the factors are for forming a bunion and how to avoid them.

Learn 3 foot health hacks that require no effort!

Many experts consider how you walk to be the 6th vital sign. And you already know how and how much you walk depends on how your feet feel. Help your feet feel better so they can help you feel better with 3 simple foot hacks. These don't require any exercises, extra time or effort.

Do you choose your footwear with health in mind?

Learn what to look for in foot-friendly footwear and socks and where to find them.
5 simple, easy-to-do-anywhere exercises that will immediately impact your feet and lower leg health.
how to care for your feet if you have to spend time in heels or restrictive footwear.

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