Here at Core Reaction Pilates, we have classes featuring a wide variety of equipment and props that will help you build up your core, strengthen your body, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Whether you want to come once to check us out, or go ahead and schedule 8 sessions we'd love to have you join us. Check out our pricing page for more information.

We will have more information about scheduling classes soon, Contact Us if you have any immediate questions.



Our MoveWell Reformer class is suitable for all experience levels and a wide variety of age groups. This is not your garden variety reformer class, but rather one that will use the reformer in different ways to improve your ability to, well, Move Well! You'll see better joint function, more muscle recruitment, and increased mobility.

Our Complete Core Reformer class is a much more intensive total-body workout. You'll strengthen your core, improve your endurance, and sculpt all your major muscle groups. This class is not suitable for those new to using the reformer or those with existing injuries or medical issues. Come to class ready to work!

Yoga Wall

Photo of instructor inverted on the great yoga wall 03

Our Trilogy Yoga Wall class combines traditional Pilates work, resistance training, and barre-inspired movement to create an energetic, low-impact workout. Who doesn't want to improve posture, or strengthen the core, tone and tighten the legs, glutes and upper arms? You'll see all of that and more at our trilogy yoga wall class.

Itching to release your hamstrings? Is your back stiff and creaky? Shoulders tight? Then sign up for the Yoga Wall Restore class! This low-to-no impact class focuses on finding the why behind that stiffness, tightness, and achy-ness. You'll understand how small changes in your movement can improve your posture and heal your body. These small changes in the short term will positively affect your health and well being in the long term.

Aerial Silks and Yoga

Photo of grounded silks 01

Our Grounded Aerial Silks class is an exciting way to start using aerial silks without your body leaving the ground. This class will work your core, strengthen your grip, and build upper-body strength while you have so much fun you won't even realize how much work you're actually doing. You'll learn the fundamental techniques of aerial fabric work, including foot locks, wrist locks, and sling work - all while staying firmly on the ground. No experience necessary! All you need is an open mind and a desire to try something new.

Photo of a silk footlock

If you're ready to start flying check out the Aerial Silks class. Popularized by Cirque du Soleil, aerial silks is an art form combining a person's ability to use the soft fabric to climb, pose, and drop all while suspended in mid-air. It's a creative and flexible workout that will test your mind and body, better your grip, and build your core and upper body strength as you perform climbs, mid-air footlocks, inversions, and basic drops. At our aerial silks class, you'll be flying in no time!

Photo of aerial yoga 02

Another aerial experience we can introduce to you is Aerial Yoga. Suitable for anyone - beginners to experts. This class combines traditional yoga postures with the basic training of an aerialist. With the weight of the body supported, you'll learn how to release into a position rather than having to move with effort. Challenging yoga postures in a traditional sense become simple and can be done with less effort and strain with the assistance of the silks. With support and suspension, you'll experience deeper stretches, greater releases, more focused movement, and greater relaxation.