[Class Schedule]

Align Yoga

This 90-minute class is one of a more active foundation. We will work on facilitating the technical alignment of core postures and approach the class with patience in order to find the balance between challenge and comfort within our bodies; gracefully meeting ourselves where we are. This class will emphasize the importance of establishing a clear and direct line of communication with your body: being able to determine when to push yourself and when to seek rest. The use of props in this class is highly encouraged, as they allow practitioners of all levels to experience equal benefit from every asana. Breath work and meditation will also be an important component. ‘It is not about how far you go, but how you go.’

Body & Breath Yoga

This is a traditional 60-minute vinyasa class. The sanskrit word ‘vinyasa’ means to intentionally
connect one movement with another; it is about the marriage between body and breath in order to bring your entire self to another place: ‘consciousness in motion’. If utilized properly, the breath acts as a bridge to forge the connection between body and mind. I highly recommend taking my ‘intro to sun salutations’ class as a precursor to this one—as it will enable a safer and deeper practice for you.

Senior Yoga Class

Yoga is an ideal companion for the senior years. This Senior Yoga Class is holisticself-care designed to enhance energy and boost wellness with mental, emotional,
and spiritual aspects. It involves non-competitive, mindful movement to safely gain
and maintain balance, strength, and flexibility. Deep breathing and short meditation
releases tension. Props such as blocks, blankets, and chairs are used to make poses accessible and comfortable.

Participants in this group class must be ambulatory (able to stand and walk with relative ease on their own). Specific individual needs will be accommodated within

Standing Postures All Levels Workshop

This all levels workshop will provide an in-depth study of the fundamental alignment of theses asanas. As we explore the infinite benefits that they bring to the physical, emotional and energetic body you'll understandy why they are the cornerstones for all asanas. Included in the discussion is a basic introduction to yogic philosophy.

“ Words cannot convey the value of yoga - it has to be experienced.” B.K.S Iyengar

Yin & Restorative Yoga Class

This 90-minute class is heavily focused on attaining stillness in both body & mind. Setting time
aside to do this is crucial in the fast paced, chaotic society that we interact with on a daily
basis. On a physical level, yin yoga is geared towards the lengthening and stretching of
deeper muscular facets: tendons, ligaments, fascia and various connective tissue. Dedicated
practice of yin yoga promotes longevity, increases flexibility and resolves tightness in the
body. During Yin yoga practice, postures are held for a longer period of time than in more
active classes; so finding stillness & quiet in the mind as we sit in the asana is a crucial
component of Yin practice. Various techniques for breathing and meditation will be
introduced in this class which can be carried over not only into other yoga methodologies,
but daily life—deepening our personal practice and allowing us to be a source of stillness and