The Great Yoga Wall

Photo of the Great yoga wall 01

We have an incredible 16 feet of yoga wall. It provides support, resistance, and unique loads to your movement with swings, straps & bars. It can be used to support and advance your yoga practice, assist with a frozen shoulder, completely shred your grip, or even do upside-down pistol squats.

The Reformer

Photo of the Pilates Leg Exercise 01

THE quintessential piece of Pilates equipment, designed by Joseph Pilates himself to be effective yet simple. The beauty of the reformer is that your body is worked, moved, and used in unique ways, creating diversity in your workouts so you can have more mobility and flexibility. It trains your core perfectly and can be adjusted to be as easy or hard as you need it to be - all from one piece of equipment.

Pilates Chair

Photo of the Pilates Chair Exercise 01

This is our most challenging piece of equipment. It's the smallest, yet in many ways, the mightiest equipment that Joseph Pilates ever designed. Its compact design makes it tricky to master because even the simplest of movements can be an exercise in balance, core connection, and physical strength. And yet, it's versatile enough to be suitable for nearly any age bracket, from under 30 to over 70!

We pride ourselves on having the equipment that every body can use to succeed in their workout.