• Do you have classes for both women and men?

    Core Reaction Pilates provides personalized sessions to all people, ages “young” to “I'd rather not say,” who want to improve their overall mind-body health. We do not specifically segregate our classes by gender, but if you are not comfortable working out with members of the opposite sex, just let us know – we will find the perfect spot for you to be comfortable.

  • What kind of clothes or special equipment will I have to buy to do Pilates?

    There is no “required dress code.” We want you to wear comfortable clothing. Clothing that is form-fitting helps instructors see your musculature, body carriage, and alignment. An added bonus is that your clothing doesn’t get caught in the equipment. Most women wear various lengths of leggings and a stretch-fit top. The guys usually wear gym shorts and tee shirts. Comfort is paramount, but a modicum of modesty is appreciated by all of us. What would you wear if your workout was going to be conducted with you upside-down? Our studio is a barefoot studio in general. We don't mind if you wear socks, however. Our instructors will happily suggest appropriate garb for you; just ask them. For those who might be somewhat germophobic, we wipe down every piece of equipment, mats, etc. between every client.

  • Why Pilates? I mean, what is so special about it? How is it different from Yoga?

    Yoga is a sacred tradition that spawned in India some 5,000+ years ago. The repetition of the asanas (or posture) and the attention to the details of the poses helps to calm and quiet the busy mind, while building flexibility and strength.

    Pilates is much newer, having been around for just under a century. The founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, began around 1925 perfecting his method of breathing and movement to to strengthen the core, improve posture, develop balance and give a sense of overall grace in movement. Our owner, Tina Hicks, believes that Pilates is a teachable, predictable form of total-body conditioning using positions and movements that simulate functional activities. Rather than focusing upon raw strength and endurance, Pilates emphasizes quality of form over number of repetitions. The result is tone, alignment, balance, and symmetry throughout the body.

  • What if I am a “lady of a certain age” and don’t like the idea of being surrounded by toned “gym bunnies” sporting their spandex workout wear, or I am not comfortable with a mixed gender studio?

    See Questions 1 and 2. Core Reaction Pilates is YOUR studio, and your workout can be 100% tailored to your comfort. Period.

  • Why is Pilates instruction so expensive? I see mat classes offered at various places much cheaper.

    Good question! The training, equipment and class size are three of the primary reasons Pilates is often more expensive on the front end than other workout options.

    Training – As a PMA® -CPT (Certified Pilates Teacher), our owner, Tina Hicks, has spent spent several thousand dollars on her education to pass the rigorous, 500- question exam. Additionally, she is one of only a handful of graduates of the Balanced Body® Passing the Torch™ Program. Read more about this unique and rigorous program here - https://www.pilates.com/BBAPP/V/education/passing-the-torch.html

    Tina's desire to always learn has led her to complete an intensive 7-day Cadaver Dissection course with Gil Hedley. It was here that theory was applied to the real world.

    Equipment – With reformers and Cadillacs costing in excess of $5,000 each, a fully-equipped studio is a significant investment. All of the equipment in our studio is studio-grade (i.e., top of the line professional quality) for safety, comfort, and ease of use. Sure, a studio can buy less expensive equipment, but “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here.

    Class size – Our classes are intentionally small to ensure attention and focus on your form, modifying for special concerns, and an environment where you can focus on your body. Classes at Core Reaction Pilates range from 4 – 6 people typically.

  • My mother is still wearing a brace from surgery she had this past year. Are you able to accommodate that?

    Yes. Many of our clients are working toward regaining full body strength and mobility following an accident or injury of some type. The beauty of Pilates is that it offers such a variety of ways to approach and achieve a particular movement. A thorough workout can be achieved without stress to certain body parts. If she can get to the studio, we can work with her!

  • Are you “licensed, bonded, and insured?” I realize that fitness is different than brick masonry, but what does legitimize your studio?

    All our staff are certified in their respective fields, and many hold multiple certifications. All are quality instructors who seek continuing education regularly, are active in his/her own personal life embodying the principles you hear every week, and keep detailed notes on your sessions for continuity and progress.Of course, we also carry all insurance required for the safe operation of the business.

  • I have limited income. Can you still help me?

    Of course. There are multiple types and schedules of sessions and classes and we can find one to fit your budget.

  • I am a single mother with a small child. Can I bring my child to the studio?

    We do not offer childcare. If your child is that 1 in 1000 who will sit quietly with no supervision for an hour, then yes. For the other 999 children, a fully-equipped Pilates studio is just too enticing for kids to be safe.

  • It says that you offer classes custom-composed of friends or family members. Is that true?

    Absolutely. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a chore – or dreaded. We want you to look forward to your studio time at Core Reaction Pilates. Remember, laughter is good medicine, too!